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Meet Sequoia


During her two week check up, Sequoia began having visible difficulty breathing. The next day around 5:30 in the morning I noticed that Sequoia couldn’t breathe while nursing, and was latching on, getting as much milk as she could before falling off and gasping for air. We immediately made arrangements for our older children and rushed her to the hospital.

Sequoia’s breathing made everyone nervous but at the time she had NO other symptoms. No fever, no discoloration, no loss of appetite, no loss in muscle tone. The ER Doc ordered an Xray and Pneumonia was found in her right lung. She was admitted to the PICU (Pediatric Intermediate Care Unit) and hooked up to every machine imaginable. Within hours of arriving Sequoia’s fever spiked and every symptom we had managed to avoid came on with a vengeance. She was suddenly terribly ill and weak.

The next 11 days are hard to remember as they were all blur. On day 3, x-rays revealed that her pneumonia had gotten worse and collapsed her lung. Sequoia’s retractions were so bad that she couldn’t eat for the first 2 days and was only receiving nutrients through her IV. We weren’t allowed to really hold her or snuggle with her for two days. We were no longer allowed to sleep with her, and were up with her every 2hrs when the RT’s came in to give her breathing treatments listening to her cry and unable to pick her up, snuggle her or nurse her back to sleep. She was so weak and so fragile, and being unable to soothe and comfort her the way we were used to and the way a brand new baby deserves was beyond difficult to deal with.

The staff at Asante, at every level including housekeeping, were so compassionate. They kept us well informed about her treatments, her progress, what to expect, made sure we remembered to eat, and always let us know what was next. The whole ordeal was made so much easier because of the amazing people taking care of our baby.